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Turn a conversation into contracts

Turn a conversation into contracts

Get your hands on the script that lands my team deals DAILY.

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Thousands Of Leads In My System And Each Of Them Have Been Talked To Using This Script!

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WHY I developed THIS script

There's a reason why scripts exist.

It's because they work!

For years people have been trying to sell or buy things over the phone, and for a lot of people they're able to find success.

On the otherhand, you have TONS of people that fail.

Whether it be because they don't follow the script exactly how it's meant to be said, or they avoid a script all together.

In wholesale, to bring in contracts not only do you need to be open and honest with the potential seller but you also need to ask the right questions.

You need answers so that you can make an accurate offer over the phone and so that your dispositions team can do their job.

I've seen plenty of instances where someone forgets to ask about the condition of the kitchen or how much the tenants are paying in rent, which then means a call back needs to happen.

Not only can the outcome totally mess up your numbers, but it can also cause the seller to be weary of working with you.

If you need to keep calling them for more info, they're going to start thinking you don't know what your doing.

Next thing you know, the deal falls apart.

Certain questions need to be asked in a certain order.

There's a rythm and pace that needs to be followed to get the seller to feel comfortable dealing with you.

That's why I developed this script.

It's landed me hundred of deals over the years, it's landed my team hundreds of deals, and I know it can help you land plenty of deals when you use it too.

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Here's what past students have said about my trainings...

My guarantee to you is that this script, when implemented, will make a difference in your wholesale business. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

This is the same script I have used day in and day out for the last few years. I have even taught my team to follow it line by line. This will get you results when you put in the work.


ABOUT Joe Evangelisti

Joe Evangelisti has been involved in real estate for over 12 years professionally. He’s worked as a construction project leader, a general contractor, a real estate broker/owner, and a developer, and has helped to build, renovate, and sell millions of dollars in residential real estate. Before that, he spent years serving in the United States Navy Construction Battalion – the SeaBees –which included a tour of duty in Qatar as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, as well as under two Presidents at Camp David. With his wealth of knowledge, he's built a wholesale company over the last few years based in South Jersey that's become one of the best in the country. Now he's teaching anyone ready to take their business to the next level. If you're in wholesale and looking to take things up a notch, Joe is able to get you there. Learn more about Joe and connect with him at joeevangelisti.com.

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