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THE Best Source For Budgeting

This Rehab Estimator will accurately find your potential profits no matter the project.

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THIS Simple Download WILL HELP YOU

Save thousands of dollars

With The Rehab Estimator You'll...

See Your Estimated Budget Breakdowns

It Takes Into Accounts All Labor And Material Costs

Factor In Loan Amounts and Points

Have Everything Laid Out On Easy To Read Charts

Take A walk through our latest new construction build

Without a doubt, flipping homes is the number one area where I see real estate investors making the biggest mistakes and losing the most money.

Do you blindly throw together your budgets?

Did your last project cost more than you thought it would?

For the last 12 years, I've flipped hundreds of homes and built plenty of high-end homes from the ground up.

For every single one of them, I make sure I have a detailed sheet covering our potential budget, cost of different materials, loan amount, and estimated total profit.

I needed the sheet in front of me with the breakdown before we ever decided on what to do with the property.

I truly believe taking this step beforehand was essential to making money on EVERY project I've ever completed.

That's why I want to bring this estimator to you.

I want YOU to start making more money on every one of your flips.

You may not realize it, but getting organized and knowing your numbers before hand could end up saving you THOUSANDS of dollars.

A lot of flippers probably just assume that they went over budget when they realize their numbers are off, but their numbers were most likely wrong from the start.

The beauty of my Rehab Estimator is that once you start filling it in, it's programmed to automatically start filling in the rest of the spaces.

Instead of spending hours punching numbers in your calculator, with just a few keystrokes you'll have a detailed plan that even the most experienced lenders, investors, and contractors will be impressed.

As a bonus, I'll also include my very own LEASE ESTIMATOR as well.

This will allow you to predict your potential returns if you decide to rent out your deal once you flip it.

You're in this business to make money and these estimators will be your secret weapons to getting bigger profits.

Powered by google sheets!

Making sure this estimator was simple to use and accessible to everyone was essential. It was a no brainer to choose Google Sheets for this. Easily adjust variables, make multiple copies for every project, print results, share links with team members, and a lot more.

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Want to see one of our recent flips?

Check out this video I did as I walked through our latest ranch styled flip. This deal came in from a local wholesaler and we decided to take it on because of the hot location. We had done a project in this same neighborhood and we knew we could get it turned around quickly and back on the market for top dollar.


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I know this Rehab Estimator will spark new ideas, and propel your business to newfound heights. But for any reason, if you are not completely satisfied, rest assured that I will provide you with a 100% refund within 30 days of your purchase. Just email the support email on your receipt and we will help you out!


Who is Joe Evangelisti?

Joe Evangelisti has been involved in real estate for over 12 years professionally. He’s worked as a construction project leader, a general contractor, a real estate broker/owner, and a developer, and has helped to build, renovate, and sell millions of dollars in residential real estate. Before that, he spent years serving in the United States Navy Construction Battalion – the SeaBees –which included a tour of duty in Qatar as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, as well as under two Presidents at Camp David. With his wealth of knowledge he's built and rehabbed hundreds of highend homes all over South Jersey and now he's teaching anyone ready to take their business to the next level. If you're in real estate and looking to take things up a notch, Joe is able to get you there. Learn more about Joe and connect with him at joeevangelisti.com.

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